Fabrication Capabilities

From old logos that comprise single or double colors to vibrant designs and color schemes of today’s brands, establishment signs have also evolved from simple fonts to fabrications of intricate details. The move to escalate the level of signage fabrication is fitting indeed, given that signages carry the brands of companies and establishments. Better yet, signages should be able to carry out the very essence of the company. Thus, gone are the days when signs are plain and dull. Today, the more vibrant the colors and the more intricate the designs, the better the chances of being noticed.

In line with the changes, Philgraphics has been constantly improving its fabrication offerings. The company offers simple yet catchy customized Panaflex signs. Cranking it up to a higher level, Philgraphics can also customize signs with the makes of acrylic buildups and aluminum claddings, illuminated by energy saving LED lights.

a. Signages
a.i. Panaflex signages

a.ii. Acrylic signages

a.iii. LED illuminated signages


b. POPs and Display Systems
b.i. Standees

b.ii. Counter Top POPs